New Lindy 2!

subiaco lindy hop dance class

Starting with our next run of Lindy 1 courses (Monday March 31st) Lindy 2 will go through an exciting new change. Instead of being run as stand alone, ‘drop in only style’ classes, Lindy 2 will now be run in a ‘course series’ style similar to Lindy 1.

The new Lindy 2 courses will run in 4 week blocks and the classes will be tied together thematically for that course. The first course will be entitled, ‘Styling Up Your Basics’ and will concentrate on the many, varied ways you can add style to the basic structure of your Lindy Hop. Just like Lindy 1 the Lindy 2 courses will run consecutively but, unlike Lindy 1, they won’t be the same course each time. Each Lindy 2 course will be new and different and will focus on another facet of Lindy Hop and will contain its own set of exciting moves.

We’ll still be delivering the same amount of great moves each class and will still be teaching at the Lindy 2 level but now, with the new focus, we’ll be able to offer our classes in a more concentrated way. There will be more structure and a little more revision in each class.

It’s important to note that, unlike our Lindy 1 courses, you can drop in on a Lindy 2 course at any time in the series; you don’t need to have done the first two weeks to be able to do the last two. So for some of you, this will be business as usual.

Course Costs:

Cost for one whole Lindy 2 Course (4 weeks) – $50
Cost for drop in classes – $15

Lindy 2 Course Start Dates:

Swing It! Subiaco: Monday 31st March 8.00pm

Swing It! Mt Lawley: Tuesday 1st April 8.00pm

Swing It! Manning: Wednesday 9th April 8.00pm