Perth Lindy Jam – FAQ

Hi Everyone!  The Perth Lindy Jam is finally here and we’re all set and raring to go for the weekend of a lifetime! (Did I go too far there?  Ok maybe but it’s going to be great!)

I’ve been receiving emails and questions from a lot of people about the weekend so I just wanted to do a short FAQ to make sure everything is clear before the big event…

Are there spaces left in the workshop?

Yes there are.  We have plenty of places for Leads or Follows.  Right now our numbers are nice and level.

I can’t make it to class to place a deposit, do I miss out?

Not at all.  You can email me if you like to show your interest or simply just pay on the morning of the workshop.  Everyone is welcome, no-one should miss out!

Can I just attend one day of the workshop?

Yes you can.  We have a day pass for those unable to attend the whole weekend.

Can I attend just the morning or just the afternoon of the workshop?

Yes.  Some people are only able to attend the two afternoon or morning classes of each day.  That’s fine.  Think of a day pass as giving you access to four out of eight classes.  You can attend the afternoon or morning of both days.  Just email me to let me know.

Will I be good enough to do the workshop?

If you can do a Swing out, Lindy Circle, Charleston and know your six count rhythm you’ll be fine.  The workshop is set at a Lindy 2 level but our visiting teachers will be teaching you the moves as they go along.  As long as you know the basics you’ll do just fine.  They’ll be teaching new and exciting things, it’ll be fun!

Can anyone attend the social events?

Yes, everyone is welcome and we encourage you to come along.

Are they really as amazing as you say?

Yes they are.  Have I ever lied to you?

I don’t know, have you?

No!  But now I’m worried…

Why did you grow a beard?

That really isn’t relevant here…

I wish I could make it but I don’t get paid till next week…

Serious answer?  I don’t want that to be an issue.  I opened Swing It to spread the passion I have for this dance and to help anyone that wants to learn become as good a dancer as they’d like to be.  When an opportunity like this comes along I don’t want anyone to miss out, for any reason.  We’re only doing one of these this year.  If you would like to attend the workshop but feel as though you can’t because you can’t afford it right now then please speak to me.  I’m not a retail store, I’m happy to work something out so that you can attend the workshop and pay for it when you’re able to.  This weekend is about fun, let’s all have a good time!

That’s it!  If you have a question that isn’t covered here, please let me know.  If not, we look forward to seeing you this weekend!!