Ruth Jeffrey

Dance Instructor

Ruth Jeffery is easily one of the most impressive follows to ever come out of the Perth Swing scene. With many years of dancing and teaching under her belt Ruth frequently impresses on lookers with her diversity of movement and powerful dancing style. Ruth’s eagerness to always improve and push her dancing is what has made her the outstanding dancer she is today and is what continues to inspire her students wherever she goes.

Ruth has been wowing crowds around Perth, Australia and internationally for years. She won the Australian Jitterbug Championships Fast Foot Competition in 2003, remains one of the fastest follows we’ve ever seen here in Perth and can do a mean handstand!

Apart from having taught around Australia Ruth has also taught internationally in Japan, Sweden and London.  In 2008 and again in 2009 Ruth taught at the ‘Herrang Dance Camp’ (Sweden) the world’s #1 international Swing dancing camp.  Ruth and Shane are the first Australian Swing teachers ever to be invited to teach at the prestigious camp.