Review: 11th July

We have a revolutionary new heating system on Mondays.  It€™s called the pack-them-in-and-close-the-doors-matron.  Because all great heating systems end with.€œmatron€.

Lindy 1 this week saw a magnificent representation from our Sunday Beginner€™s Workshop. If my maths are correct, that means, yes, these committed cats did the Lindy two days in a row.€“ some even threw in swing and soul Sunday night! Loving it.

Things got rolling really quick in Lindy 2 with a particularly energetically brisk Jazz warm-up.  It was then onto some pro-longed (see what I did there?) Swing Outs.€“ same same but different!  With liberal application of obscure explanations involving vertical trampolines, we were all looking swish!  Special mention goes out to David for infusing this move into the time-space-musicality-continuum.  It was then onto something special, with a name so special I forgot it, though I€™m quite sure there was an.€œs€ a.€œp€ and an.€œing€ infused with subtle undertones of laugher and tom-foolery.  Add a dash of crumping, more laughs and good dose of awesome and we had us a wrap! Wizard.