Review: 13th July

Move calls, counts or skat.  It was pick your favourite at Lindy 1 this week. The circle was buzzing with banter as we sidelined ye ol€™ 8 Count for the fresh.€˜n funky counts of 6. Katelyn introduced the arm-in-front-while-spinning for the follows and the leads got busy polishing those halos.  Everyone was feeling the beat, bending those knees and looking great.  Weronica was particularly prominent in creating an upbeat vibe, and Alyce won the unofficial.€œCoolest Jacket€ Award (or CJA for short). We then split into teams and had a dance off, the Beats (nice, Allan) and the Groovers.  A hotly contested dance off ensued with the winners being EVERYONE (seriously, it all looked smashin’).

What€™s twice as fun as holding one hand?  Holding two!  It was a double hand hold haven in Lindy 2.  Throw in some perfectly timed musicality, traditional Jazz steps and impeccable dress sense (look€™n at you Brody) and we had something special happening..  To finish up we threw in a closed to closed double hand hold move, now known as A Fan. Which, funnily enough, was also what most of us were for Marks Robot dancing competition t-shirt..  Stellar night, with stellar friends.  A double hand clap worthy night for sure.