Review: 14th December

swing classes perth

We must have been approaching the whacky-analogy critical limit on Wednesday night, and classes were certainly crazier for it!

Lindy 1 enjoyed a lovely wave of fresh faces including Sarah C, Felena, Mike and first class debut-er Sunny. Meanwhile, Damien continued to impress with his t-shirt collection and Scuba Steve (yeah, it€™s going to stick) was very useful as the model student. Lindy 2 brought with it a bountiful bevy of uncommon moves.€“ topped with sprinkles.

Don€™t forget next week is our last class and it€™s Christmas themed (how appropriate!) so come dressed in red and green or something Christmas-y (5 stickers to anyone that comes as a reindeer).

Katelyn and I are going to do some baking for class. If you have a baked (?) thumb feel free to whip something up to bring along to class. We€™ll see you there with bells on, probably literally!