Review: 14th July

Swing dancing in subiaco

This week saw a new generation round off their Lindy 1 course, week 4 of our series of classic Savoy moves, and a HUGE night of social dancing at the STOMP, thanks to guest DJ Ellen from Germany!

We kicked the night off with Week 4 of our Lindy 1 course. We polished up our swingouts, were introduced to the charleston rhythm, and jumped into some social dancing for good measure. We hope to see everyone from our Lindy 1 course back next week, whether it be to tackle Lindy 1 again (for half price!), or to join the start of our new Lindy 2 course!

The Lindy 2 class started with some classic swingout variations that Frankie would be proud of, followed by the mind-altering Savoy-kicks, with some Rag-doll action for good measure! Join us next week for our new Lindy 2 course entitled ‘Kickin’ It Old School’;  We’ve got buckets of great Lindy Hop moves based on Charleston rhythms to keep you kickin’ long time!

Swing dancing in subiaco

The Stomp was another bumper addition, with DJ Ellen providing the packed room with enough swing choons to have the floor bouncin and the hep-kats jumpin! See you next week!