Review: 15th Feb

swing, classes, perth, lindy hop

The competition was on this Wednesday night as everyone battled for the sought after prize!

Ch Chekit out we get€™n LOW.

Sunny and High-Beam Mike were looking aces dancing with new faces all over the places this week in Lindy 1!

We were all rock€™n, lock€™n, transformer€™n and caterpillar€™n (you€™d get it if you were there) our way to LindyHop brilliance.

Such a great group of enthused dancers, can€™t wait to see you all on the social dance floor!


It was Frankie Kick Frivolity this week in Lindy 2!

Huge shoutout to Cliff-Man Jez and Jump€™n Jen for taking out the revered Get€™n Low Mystery Prize-Bunny for excellence in Frankie Kick Bad-Ass-ary.

Then there was a mid-class disco (it happens) before Michael D and Sarah finished the night like pros by NAILING some SWEET boogie backs and forwards into a song break. Yeah!