Review: 18th April

Wind and rain (but mostly rain) couldn€™t stop the hop this week in Subiaco!

After an admittedly additionally athletically authentic jazz warm up we got down to the serious business of welcoming Merry Melissa and Super-keen Sean.€“ both fresh from the beginners workshop on the weekend, massive props and welcome to the family! Swinging out from closed never looked so good as our lindy 1s danced to the sounds of a Pretty Girl, a Cadillac, and some Mooooney. Phil then ripped up in his first ever Birthday Dance.€“ Happy Birthday Phil!

It was a blitz of Back Charleston brilliance in lindy 2 as we continued to dance our shoes dry. Big shout outs to Emma and Claire for having their first tastes of lindy 2 territory.€“ you guys smashed it! Clay had all the right questions, and. David.€œthe man€ Trembath had all the right moves (may have been the sticker) as we pumped through 2 entries, 2 exits, the odd shmooshed toe and a whole heap of rhythm.. Also a HUGE.€œhellyeah!€ goes out to Bec and Lawrence who hot-footed it to class in their SwingIt Ts straight from the airport! As always it was then a mass migration onwards and forwards to Paddy Maquires Subiaco for a 9:30pm arrival, where we discovered the colourful textures of the mystery drink of the night, the KCK.

See ya€™ll next week!