Review: 18th August

The start of a whole new Lindy 1 *and* Lindy 2 course tonight as we kicked off another great Monday night at Subiaco.  This week was even more special however due to it being Nash’s birthday!

Obviously we should offer a big welcome to our new Lindy 1s.  Hopefully it’s the start of a long love affair with our favorite dance.  Practice that six count rhythm and you’ll be sure to have no trouble next week.

We then moved on to our new Lindy 2 course, “The Art of Adding Awesome”, where we strained some brains but, we feel, added a good amount of ‘awesome’ to the proceedings.

Most importantly though we’d like to say a big ol’ happy birthday to Nash (Subiaco’s unofficial mascot) and wish him the best on his special day.  He enjoyed (or endured) his first ever birthday dance which was the perfect way to kick off the Stomp this week.

Thanks to everyone that came down tonight; it’s good to be back.