Review: 18th May

I sat and cried. But don’t worry, that’s just the name of the song we jammed out to tonight (awesome song by the way).  Getting comfy with the 6 count, and even comfier (yes, that IS a word!) with getting in and out of closed position made everyone ooze of style.  Icecream and sprinkle talk was on the increase, as some neat turns and spins were thrown in the mix. Everyone was truly looking great!  Big ups to our fresh faces from the beginners workshop and especially Claudio for recieving our first (ever!) silver star for achieving exellence in the ancient lindy-ninja hand-to-back technique BEFORE it was even taught. Go far this man will (says yoda ninja).

Think you could do a whole dance in open, and not run out of moves?  Well we got mighty mighty close. Passbys, barrel rolls and some special sauce made for a tasty lindy treat.  I can’t wait to see some more barrel rolls out on the dance floor! Roll em out!  Darrell aced the tight confines of our improvised lindy arena with some great spacial awareness.