Review: 1st December

Week 4 madness ensued last night as we had our graduating Lindy 1s and our overexcited Lindy 2s!  Well, perhaps not overexcited but certainly boisterous…which is just the way we like ’em!

A tip of the hat to all of our Lindy 1s this time around.  You were such a dedicated bunch and you handled the four week intro course like champions (we even had people turning up with black eyes!).

Also, what a great Lindy 2 class last night!  We had some awesome moves, the return of Rusty and some generally dodgy comments from Ruth.  What more could you want??

Last the Stomp was a great, packed house but, more importantly, we had so many of our Lindy 1s coming back to try out that dance floor!  Well done!  We’re looking forward to seeing you all out dancing more often.