Review: 1st September

The awesomeness continues to roll on but this Monday saw an extra dash of musicality.  Vintage tunes and sweet, sweet Soul…what a perfect mix!  Also we had some extra special dances at this week’s Stomp…

It was great to see the return of some old, familiar faces (and great to see Amanda back from her long stint overseas) on Monday night.  We mixed it up a little in Lindy 2 with some different rhythms and some simple but effective ways to add more personality to your dancing.  Not only that but we ‘Unleashed’ our Lindy with a fun musicality class.  It was a little different to what people are used to but boy was it fun!  Ruth and I were so impressed with how much of a change it made and (wonderfully) how silly you were all prepared to be.

The night ended with yet another packed Stomp and some special dances; Shawn had his birthday dance (and succeeded admirably I might add) followed by an energetic but altogether sad going away dance for Ellen.

See you all next week!