Review: 21st June

Swing It! lore records that many years ago Subiaco was once the baking capital of the swing dancing world.  No longer!  After a prolonged, unfortunate absence of baked goods from the Lindy Hop scene, West Perth has emerged as a crucible of boulangerie competition.

Last week we enjoyed Stuart’s lemon meringue pie.  This week Jess’s cupcakes were on the menu.  At West Perth, swing and sugar go hand in hand.  Oh yeah, and there was dancing too.

We continued to polish our basics in Lindy 1, and learnt the difference between hugging and dancing.  As Christopher Walken would say, Lindy 2 was CRAZY!  Our fast routine with Fly-Highs and Hand-to-Hand Charlestons, plus the nifty spinning entry was eagerly received and mastered by everyone.  As always we could count on Christine to egg us on to pump up the speed.

After such a jam-packed class, those cupcakes were sorely deserved.