Review: 22nd June

Banter was high around the circle this week; Perhaps with all the new faces you were getting to know each other, or perhaps you were investigating the effects of sound wave distortion.€“ either way, we were loving it.

What do you call a spontaneous congregation of energetically rhythmical bipedal hominoids that are well versed in the art of blowing things up? A SCITECH-CREW LINDY INVASION. Big ups to the science crew: Alyce, Emma, Jay and Sandy.  Down to dancing, playing (what will now be known as) the lets-run-at-each-other-and-hope-we-don€™t-crash game made for some A M A Z I N G looking swing outs.. We then opened the door to a world of swivels for the follows and a neat kick-ball-change for the leads. Can€™t wait till next week, guys!

Sometime a foot-shaped lolly in your mouth is just what you need to keep pushing out some havoc, isn€™t that right Vince? Havoc was indeed the name of the game this week in Lindy2, get€™n low, get€™n crazy, get€™n wild and get€™n stars- that€™s what it€™s all about. After we got really good at being gates and scarecrows (Darrel , that was some good gate€™n) we pumped up the speed and unleashed a swivel variation that€™s sure to bend some brains (and legs) out on the dance floor!

I€™d like to also take this opportunity to personally thank (and apologies) to all the leads (especially look€™n at you Javier) that were fortunate (read: unfortunate) enough to have a dance with me following (read: messing it all up). THEN it was pub time, for the perfect post-dance drink whilst getting to know (and scheme with , Rich) your fellow swing dudes and dudettes. See you all next week, I think we might just have something special.