Review: 22nd September

Styling Your Basics rolled on as we progressed further into our courses.  This week though we were a little schooled by the efforts of Jason and Kate!

The Lindy 1s made their way into Week 2 this week and had a ball doing it (well, it LOOKED like they did).  New rhythms and new moves!  Initially scary but ultimately a lot of fun.

Styling Your Basics was a real joy as well.  We danced it up to a routine and had variations aplenty; although it seemed we had room for one more as Jason and Kate took the ball and ran with it, creating their own move…one I’ll happily steal and claim complete credit for…

The Stomp was in full swing this week (does that pun ever get old?  no, no it doesn’t).  I’m really glad we’re seeing so many people from our other locations joining us for the dance!