Review: 23rd February

It was Week 2 on Monday night this week and we had a packed house of Lindy 1s and an exceptionally creative group of Lindy 2s!  Not to mention some pretty slick moves guaranteed to impress…

It’s always a big jump moving from 6 count to 8 count but our current Lindy 1s handled it beautifully.  Next week we move onto the Swing Out but if the way they handled the Swing Out from Closed this week is anything to go by then we’ll have no problems at all!

Lindy 2 was a real treat.  Week 2 of Coolest Moves delivered some, well, cool moves but also gave everyone a chance to improvise.  Special mention needs to go to Jason and Nash for some exceptional, personal improvisation.  Looking good!

Also it was farewell to Rochelle and happy birthday to Chris Lee at the Stomp.  Nice dip at the end there Chris, too smooth.