Review: 25th April

You know you€™ve found truly somewhere great when all you can see are smiles. 

Maybe it was the cookies, maybe it was the abundance of bad jokes, or maybe we€™re all just super.

Either way, I wouldn€™t have wanted to be anywhere else. Our Lindy 1s where all looking amazing with the power of Charleston, as

Danny got his man arm fully operational and Gordon counted us all in like a boss. We then finished class of with a birthday dance for the wonderful Weronika, Happy Birthday! Seems like it€™s been raining birthdays lately, we love it! Can€™t wait to see you all again next week!

Lindy 2 saw us dive head first into a combination of special moves. There was certainly some tricky stuff, but you guys were really nailing it, can€™t wait to see it on the social dance floor! Also big ups to Cait and Claire for asking some great questions, and Linda for getting her Lindy spin on. The last dance especially looked slam€™n, you all did bril! Really looking forward to seeing you all (and some extra leads) next week!