Review: 25th August

Monday night saw Week 2 of our courses, an extra dash of Jazz awesomeness and a very special dance for a lovely lady! We’re having a lot of fun with our current Lindy 1 course (when don’t we though).  The energy is always high but, most importantly, they look like they’re having a blast!  Dancing is a wonderful experience but if you can have a laugh whilst learning to do it?  Top marks!

Also we thoroughly enjoyed adding some Jazz into our Lindy 2 class.  We pushed their brains again but the dynamics of the class and the sound of those rhythms made it all worth while.  Tip of the hat to Dave for giving it his all.

The Stomp was an absolute ball again this week but we had an extra special dance for Taarin.  It was her birthday so, since I promised her I wouldn’t do one if she came down, we did a birthday dance!  Sorry, Taarin, but we just couldn’t deprive all the leads of such a great opportunity.