Review: 26th August

mt lawley lindy hop class swing dance perth

August has reached its peak, and we’re hoping the trend of bigger, better, and awesome-er continues into September!

Our Lindy 1 class continues to be a raucous affair, in which everyone is doing super duper for week 2.  Next week, we’ll be working on doing two things at once (just for you, Miles).

Another week in Lindy 2 in which we sought to add a drop of that elusive ‘essence of awesome’ to our dancing.  Fancy rhythms, smooth tunes, and a good measure of “what do we do after that?” adds up to a super fun class.  The awesomeness does blow your mind after a while, but we love it.

Jarrad’s Song of the Week was Fever by Ben E. King.  Dig it.