Review: 26th July

If James Brown were still alive, and in Perth, and doing swing dancing classes in West Perth, I bet he would say that Lindy Hop makes him FEEL GOOD. And if he were in the awesome West Perth Lindy 1 class on Tuesday night, I’m sure that he would tell you all how excellent your swing-outs from closed and lindy circles were looking.

Unfortunately Mr Brown wasn’t actually in class, so we had to make do with a recorded facsimile, in which he told us that he felt like being a S-E-X machine. We can always count on James for teaching us the importance of feeling the funk when you’re dancing.

Kanye West helped us learn the same lesson in Lindy 2, when we turned the hall into a disco halfway through the lesson let everyone shake it like a polaroid picture. It wasn’t all Golddiggers though, as we turned up the heat on the Lindy 2s with some Benny Goodman and a sweet routine involving stretchy pass-by variations, pikes, and a very tricky right-hand to left-hand spin that I’m delighted to say you all mastered by the end of the class. Mark and Izzy were particularly impressive in their command of the ‘soft hands’ technique.