Review: 29th September

Ok, so last night was a little crazy– or, yeah, a lot crazy.  Lindy 1, 2 AND 3, not to mention the Stomp and an evening of frivoliti unwittingly sponsored by Red Bull.  It was an exciting night; a full room, lots of energy and some interesting milking charades…

Lindy 1 astounded us with their Swing Outs last night; it was really something to behold.  They were so good in fact that people started randomly kissing each other…or maybe that was just Scott.  A great class and a wonderful spontanious dance moment from Alex.

Lindy 2 was where the real crazy began.  Styling your basics with some twisty turny Swing Outs, a pinch of 6 count fun and some high energy Texas Tommys.  A class so good it looked like a Jelly Fish (this is all the rage now I hear).

Lindy 3 took the night to an all time high as we grooved it out and really ‘milked’ it for all it was worth.  I was wildly impressed with the way the guys took to their styling and the way the girls took no prisoners with their ‘weapons of mass destruction’.  A really great crowd and a hell of a lot of fun to teach.  We’re glad Lindy 3 is back and will be a more regular affair.