Review: 2nd May

Last night we took the Lindy 2 class to Texas…well…to Texas Tommys.  We also had Dom from Lindy 1 make a very valid point…he is a man.  That’s the kind of thing you can expect in Subiaco…men and Texas.  Confused?  Me too.The great thing about the Texas Tommy is the amount of fantastic variations you can pack onto it.  We had the girls spinning AND the guys spinning…or turning…or trying to.  No, all jokes aside everyone did a great job pushing the boundaries of their Texas Tommys and I know for sure that we’ll be seeing a lot of them on the floor this week.

We also had a great time in Lindy 1, not just because we had Dom there but because we introduced the Mini Dip, a classic feature of Lindy Hop.  For some it was their first foray into the Jazz Step side of Lindy and it was pure gold all the way.