Review: 2nd September

There’s a bad analogy for everything and at Swing It! we pride ourselves on having a cringe-worthy analogy around every corner, designed to help every move stick in your head forever.

It was great to see a whole lot of light bulbs flicking on above the heads of our Lindy 1 dancers last night as they totally nailed all our 8-count moves.  Prepare to fly, fledgling Lindy hoppers, it won’t be long!

Lots of giggles in Lindy 2, and it was great to see everyone having such a good time after a couple of tricky weeks.  Remember, it’s all about awesome!  Again, it was great to see some newbies (Anna, Mariecia) take on Lindy 2 and some familiar faces we haven’t seen for a while (Deb, Ken, Inga).  We love you, Lindy 2s, we love you long time.