Review: 6th October

Lindy 1 was in full swing (sorry I had to) this week learning the particularly perilous kickups and tremendous tuckturns. We then ventured on in our quest to master the long lost (but not forgotten, thanks Natasha!) swingout.

Improvement was paramount, great work team! Also, huge props to Malcolm for hitting up the local dance floors.

‘Cuddle position’ was the phrase of the night, but it was all about the ‘R’ word in Lindy 2. Radical. Because that’s how you all looked (high) flying through the Savoy Blip routine. Lots of great questions, and a fair few funky t-shirts (Im looking at you, David) made for a hop’n class. Special mention also goes to Saga from Sweden, one of Shane and Ruths international students who made a guest apperance!