Review: 6th October

Lindy Hop classes Subiaco Perth

The end of another action packed course, an introduction to social dancing and some odd flipping about at the Stomp…

We finished up our latest Lindy 1 course with a grand introduction to social dancing and by the looks of things a bunch of you have already been bitten by the Lindy Bug.  It was a great end to a fantastic course…although Scott didn’t get kissed at all this week (great Swivels from Matt however…).

Whilst Lindy 2 is currently Styling Your Basics we really could have called last night’s class “Standing around whilst the girl does everything”.  Some tricky moves with some specific styling but, yeah, not a lot of moving around for the fellas.  Sorry girls!

The Stomp was bustling again last night but this time there was some serious ‘tomfoolery’ going on.  Flipping, lifting, carrying and just general craziness.  One thing’s for sure, the look on Chris’ face when Wil (single handedly) flipped him through the air was worth the price of admission…

See you next week!