Review: 8th June

I’m going to say it, and you can’t stop me. BEST CLASSES EVER.  Maybe we were all on a sugar high from the one kilogram abundance of succulent sugary treats or maybe we were just overly awesome.  Either way, Wednesday nights was (and is) where it is at.
Lindy1 saw the welcomed return of the ever-charming Brendan, top stuff! We then delved into a world of other-armly leads before learning the move that will now be known as the lets-dance-backwards-into-that-gap-move. You guys all smashed it!

Lindy2 saw the unvieling of phase 1 of my master secret plan. Quite honestly, I am overly stoked as to how well you all took it on, it was looking brilliant! Remember the call “crazy legs!” – look’n at you Darrell. And as if that wasn’t all enough, we topped it off with the now traditional pub-after class. Get to know your fellow hoppers – they’re really cool! Can’t wait till next week!