Review: 8th September

swing dance perth subiaco

It was the end of Awesome last night, or perhaps just the beginning… Either way it was a brilliant end to the latest courses and yet another fantastic Stomp at Subiaco…

Congratulations to all of our Lindy 1 students for graduating from their first course.  We’re looking forward to seeing you all again next week in either Lindy 1 or Lindy 2 (or both!).

Lindy 2, we bid ‘Awesome’ farewell but are assured that each and every one of you is taking a piece of ‘Awesome’ away with you after these last four weeks.  Next week, Styling!

The Subiaco Stomp was pumping last night (which seems to go without saying these days).  We had a lot of new faces, a Snowball to welcome you all (of which Cam was a little too excited about) and, sadly, a farewell dance for Nadia as she plans to depart our shores for quite a while.