Review: Apr 11th

There’s been a shake up on Wednesday night! Due to public demand (but mostly because of Mikes EPIC sock tan) we bring to you the latest class review! Complete with picture of said shaking – nice arms Mark.

The sweat didn’t get a chance to dry this week. We had an overly attractive assemblage of hoppers that devoured a bunch of tricky charleston treats. A BIG shout out to Glen for dancing his way through his first ever lindy 2 – keep an eye on this one!
We finished class with a double birthday dance bonanza For Dancers Only for Clay and Michael who are coincidently turning the same age, the age of awesome 😉

As always it was then onto the pub to discuss the finer details of motorbikes, fashion, 90s children’s television and Mikes epic sock tan.

Please note: you don’t have to come to class to enjoy after-class pub frivolity! You’ll find us every week at Paddy Maguires in Subiaco, we’d love to see you! 🙂