Review: April 7th

Subiaco Lindy Hop Class

Wednesday night was jam packed for two reasons. Firstly, well, we had so many of our brilliant crew show up for a great night. Secondly it was our special Jam Class night!Lindy 1 saw a host of new beginners joining up to learn this great dance of ours.. It was the first week so we took it nice and slow but from next week we start amping it up.

Lindy 2 saw a full room of crazy Lindy Hoppers having a great time as we mixed some moves up to create a fun result.. Hats off to our new Lindy 2s that moved up this week!

Lindy 3 was replaced with our special Jam Class where we taught the ancient art of Lindy battling.. Jam circles were a big feature of the 30s and 40s and we brought it all back for an explosive night!

Perth Swing Jam Class