Review: 1st July


It was week 2 for the Wednesday-nighters with Corinne and Trev taking the helm during Shane and Ruth’s Swedish adventure.

The Lindy 1 class was introduced to the 8 count rhythm, and we found more interesting ways to travel between the “closed” and “open” positions via the Lindy Circle and the “Swing out” from closed. Everyone looked like they had it down by the end, so well done. We’ll be adding to it next week!

The Lindy two class experienced a bit of Dean Collins action with Sugar Pushes, and followed it up with some Texas Tommy action. Check out these Youtube clips for more Dean and Tommy!

Dean Collins dancing to Benny Goodman

The original Texas Tommy dance

The Lindy 3 class beat out a short and sharp routine that got faster and faster. Awesome work – It looked so great at 279bpm! Hopefully we can drop “The Bomb” at the Mustang Bar sometime!