Review: 10th June

The star of the evening was our FAST Lindy 3 class.  We wanted to see them dance like the old Lindy Hoppers from back in the day and they did us proud.

Lindy 1 was a treat with our ever helpful Lindy 2s.  I’m sure some of them regretting joining in to help out after I picked on them but it’s all part of the fun 😉  Again, hats off to Pat, the man of the hour.

Lindy 2 continued our thinking outside the box theme.  We explored different ways to approach some old favorites and all taught the guys a lesson or two in not taking their follow’s head off.

Lindy 3, yep, the gloves were off.  It was cold and wet outside but every person in the class was drenched in sweat.  I’m proud to say everyone committed everything they had (Thanh’s shirt even changed colour!) and showed their true Lindy Hop colours.  We’ll definitely do more of these.