Review: 10th May

You want to know why West Perth rules? Because you all laugh at my  terrible 80s music jokes, even when they’re about Peter Andre. Oh, and  also because you’re all amazing dancers!We got  everyone’s swingouts humming in Lindy 1 tonight, and then added some  extra spice with outside turn and sushi roll variations. The music of  Peter Andre was a valuable tool for learning ‘direction first’, as we  urged the leads to give their follows ‘some kind of sign, girl’.

We  dropped the daggy music references in Lindy 2, because to be honest,  there was no room for them in this jam-packed class! After refreshing  hand-to-hand charlestons, everyone quickly picked up the break and  shuffle variations. Then on to some fun charleston variations,  incorporating the Shorty George from the wildly popular Shim Sham class.  Charleston variations are EXTRA-FUN – try them out!

A very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Stuart Leckie, the most dapper man in all of West Perth!