Reviews: 2nd March

It was a public holiday but there was no respite from the dance floor! Week 3 of Lindy 1 and our Lindy 2’s Coolest Moves provided us with a great night of Lindy Hopping madness!

It was our introduction to Swing Outs in Lindy 1 last night and we couldn’t be happier with how it all looked.  It’s far from the easiest of moves and, Man, did those guys nail it.  There’s definitely more than a few of you that should be thinking of moving up to Lindy 2 at the end of this round.  Wow.

Coolest Moves last night brought us a repeat of our “romantic” move and two new slick numbers.  Our final move of the night (which I have yet to name) really came off looking pretty darn amazing.  So awesome.  Everyone nailed it superbly.  Special mention to Nash for the night’s best question.

Our featured songs of the night were Count Basie’s “Splanky” and the Lincoln Centre Orchestra’s version of “C Jam Blues”.