Shim Sham, Advanced Workshop and Beginner Air Steps!

There’s a lot coming up on the Swing It calendar and here’s the break down on all of them.  We’ve got the Shim Sham class, an Advanced Workshop and also a new Beginner Air Step Workshop for all of you that have never had the chance to learn how to flip (or be flipped).  Read on for more info…SHIM SHAM CLASS

It€™s Shim Sham time again! This is your chance to learn the most popular of the Swing routines. The Shim Sham is the most famous of all of the Swing line dances and has become legendary the world over.

However this time will be a little different as it will be taught at two levels. I€™ll be teaching the .€˜Basic€™ Shim Sham (the one most people do) and also the.€˜Traditional€™ Shim Sham (this is almost exactly the same only there are small footwork differences. Some of the traditional flourishes were removed from the original to make it easier for people to learn, so you can think of the Traditional as being for people that are already comfortable with the Basic Shim Sham).

The creation of the Shim Sham is credited to Leonard Reed and Willie Bryant and was originally called.€˜Goofus€™! The Shim Sham is tap related in origin and was embraced by the Swing Revivalists in the 80s, bringing it back to full prominence. The Shim Sham is often danced at the Mustang Bar in the breaks or at many of the major Swing events here in Perth. The Shim Sham is a fantastic way to improve your timing, syncopation and to learn a bevy of classic Jazz steps!

WHERE: Subiaco Scout Hall, 399 Rokeby Road, Subiaco

WHEN: Monday, May 9th, 8.15pm.€“ 9.45pm

COST: $20



It’s Advanced Workshop time!  The Advanced Workshops are for those of a Lindy 3 level, meaning you’re either at the high end of Lindy 2 or above.  The workshop will be taught by myself and Ruth and will feature all new material that we’ll be using in our Herrang classes.

WHERE: Mt Hawthorn Main Hall (upstairs), 197 Scarborough Beach Road (cnr The Boulevarde), Mount Hawthorn

WHEN: 12.00 – 1.30pm, Sunday 29th May

COST: $20



There’s a lot of new, eager faces in the scene so that means it’s time for another Air Step workshop!  Air Steps are an exciting part of the Lindy Hop and involve fun and achievable flips and lifts to add flash to your dancing.

This workshop is for those of you yet to be exposed to air steps (those things where you lift the girl into the air) and are looking to, safely, add some flash to your social dancing.  We€™ll take you through the basics, show you some classics and have you amazing your friends in no time!  All air steps have been chosen with safety and air steps inexperience in mind. You€™ll have a lot of fun as we show you the easiest way to enter the world of high flying!

A partner IS required for this workshop as we do not rotate partners.  We also recommend you wear loose fitting clothing (pants for the girls) and flat soled shoes.

WHEN: Sunday, 29th May, 2.00pm – 4.00pm

COST:  $30ea

WHERE:  Mt Hawthorn Main Hall (upstairs), 197 Scarborough Beach Road (cnr The Boulevarde), Mount Hawthorn

REQUIREMENTS:  A partner.  Loose fitting clothing (preferably pants girls).  Flat soled shoes.