Rhythm Lounge

Liven up your Saturday nights by Swinging out at the Rhythm Lounge! Twice a month you’ll be treated to a fantastic night of cool Djed tunes as you dance it up on our wonderful, and very large, dance floor.

We all remember what it was like when you’re starting out…maybe you don’t know so many moves or know many people…well the Rhythm Lounge is there to make that whole experience so much easier and nicer. It’s a fun, lively night that, at its heart, is aimed right at our newcomers. You’ll find plenty of space to dance, or practice, but best of all is you’ll meet so many new people who love dancing as much as you do!

Friday Night Mustang Bar

If you want to see Swing dancing in Perth at its craziest and most energetic then go no further than the Mustang Bar, Lake St, Northbridge, on Friday nights!