Special Note For 19th Jan Subiaco Lindy 1 Course

If you’ll be attending our exciting Subiaco Lindy 1 course that begins on the 19th of January we have a special announcement about the class that you’ll want to know about…

Usually our courses run for four weeks from 7pm – 8pm with a free extra half hour of social dancing afterwards to practice what you’ve learned.

Due to the Australia Day public holiday we’ll actually be closed on Monday Jan 26th. So we can keep all of our courses (across all venues) in order we’re planning on teaching our usual four week course over three weeks (19th Jan, 2nd Feb and 9th Feb).

So that you don’t miss out on anything we’ll simply be running the classes a little longer than our usual hour. This means you’ll have a slightly longer class followed by social dancing until our 8.30pm Lindy 2 class starts.

This slight change will only take place at our Subiaco venue.

Thanks everyone and we’re looking forward to seeing you all there!