Star Cards

Star Cards are our ‘five class’ cards and are a great way to save money.

A single class costs $20 whilst the Star Card is $60 for five classes…that’s $12 a class!

If you’re a beginner just starting out then they’re the perfect way to attend Level 1. There’s five classes on the Star Card and five classes in Level 1. Too easy.

You can purchase your Star Card at the link below. When you do a coupon will be emailed to you once it’s processed (usually within the same day depending on what time you purchase it). From there you can bring the coupon to any of our venues and redeem it for a Star Card. Exciting!

Please note: We do not keep track of how many classes you’ve used on a card and we do not accept responsibility for lost cards. Keep them safe!

Also Level 1 Star Cards cannot be shared, they are one card per person.

Star Card

$ 60
  • Five lessons to be used in any level
  • Valid at all venues
  • Start when you like, no expiry