Swing It Classes Are Undergoing A Change

As of November 4th Swing It classes will be changing.. We’ll have weekly “Beginner classes” as well as changing the times of some of our regular classes.. Read on to learn more.

Swing It is Perth’s biggest Swing dance school and in the interest of making our classes even more accessible our class structure is undergoing a change.

Starting November 4th we will offering these weekly classes:

Level 1 – This is the ground floor and your introduction to the world of Lindy Hop.. Each weekly class is designed to be someone€™s first while at the same time building on the basic material in a way that€™ll have you dancing solidly in no time. No experience or partner necessary and you can start whenever you like!

Level 2 – You€™ve been in Level 1 for a few months or more and now you€™re looking to try something a little harder.. Here we explore the basic moves further and show you a range of styling and variations you can add to your dancing.

Level 3 – Here we explore the classic moves and rhythms of the Lindy Hop further with a greater emphasis on lead and follow techniques, musical appreciation and of course FUN!. The moves will become a little trickier and the speeds will be a little faster.

If you’re currently in Lindy 1, that will become Level 2.. If you’re in Lindy 2, that will become Level 3.. If you’re in our Lindy 3 class you will now be offered weekend Advanced Workshops to explore your dancing.

Our Subiaco classes will only be changing their names, the times will remain the same.

Our North Perth classes will be changing their times:

Monday Nights

8.00pm.€“ 9.00pm: Level 1 (Beginners)

Tuesday Nights

6.30pm.€“ 7.30pm: Level 1 (Beginners)

7.30pm.€“ 8.30pm: Level 2 (Improvers)

8.30pm.€“ 9.30pm: Level 3 (Intermediate)

The November 2nd Beginner Workshop from 1pm – 4pm at the North Perth Town Hall will still be going ahead as planned however it will be the last of our weekend Beginner Workshops.

We look forward to our new approach and to seeing you all at our weekly classes.