Swing It Will Be Returning Soon…We Hope!

Swing It Will Be Returning Soon…We Hope!

Hi Everyone,

As WA moves through the phases of loosening restrictions we move ever closer to the point where Swing It will be able to open our doors again! It’s exciting but there’s still a lot of uncertainty between now and then…

For now let me say that we’re currently gearing up to return in the week of June 22nd. It appears that partner dancing may be included in Phase 3 (I can’t be sure just yet as the full information on Phase 3 has yet to be released) and if it is we intend to restart classes. However classes won’t be returning as normal. At the most basic level, classes will require bookings in advance and you will need a partner as there will be no changing partners in class. Numbers will be restricted to whatever is allowed in Phase 3 which will mean places will fill up. In addition to this not all classes/levels will be returning at once.

For now it’s important to keep in mind that all of this can change depending on the specifics of Phase 3 and, of course, if there are any outbreaks between now and June 22nd (the safety of students and staff will always come first).

If you want to make sure you don’t miss out on any details or even worse miss out on your chance to get a spot in classes, subscribe to the Swing It newsletter HERE so you’re always up to date on all announcements.

Lastly, private lessons are available once again and you can purchase them HERE. That way, if you’re keen, you’ll be sharp and ready to go again!

Thank you very much and stay tuned…

-Shane McCarthy, Swing It Owner Director