Swing Riot – It was a perfect day for Lindy Hop!

swing it dance class perth

We’ve heard reports of those that are ‘stiff and sore’, indeed we’ve received word that, after the weekend, some are in ‘a world of hurt’ but have also been assured by these same people through wild eyes and slightly maniacal looks that it was most assuredly ‘all worth it’. We’re happy to say that Swing Riot was a fantastic success.

Thank you to everyone that came down to support us and take part in a day where, from our point of view, we could share with you what we really loved about this dance and, in some way, help add some excitement and flash to your regular dancing! I was most significantly impressed by the level of camaraderie, especially in the Jam class. It was a real joy watching everyone getting behind each other, egging each other on and having a brilliant time in the process.

MANY thanks go out to Jarrad and Lexi for their continued support and their assistance on the day! Thanks so much! (I’m sure there’s a special extra thanks in there for Lexi from the dancers who managed to nab one of her AWESOME cup cakes!)

We’ll definitely be doing this again!


swing it swing dance class perth