Last Week at Swing It!

What happens when you mix some tricky jazz steps with some high flying follows and add a dash of our latest, official Lindy Hoppers? You get a great night at classes! Before we get into the finer details let me remind everyone that next week’s classes will be at the new times so double check the class page for the schedule and we’ll see you there. In addition to that we’d love to see you there on time. Poor Mel was frantically trying to keep up with the late comers this week and has vowed to hunt you all down if you ever do it again (actually by the sounds of that you all might want to turn up late, Fellas)!

Lindy 2

It was a night for getting close and personal as we powered through some exciting Charleston variations. Before long we had the tempo up and the heart rate even higher in an attempt to tire out those legs (sorry, Brad!). I certainly think this was a class that went to the follows; the girls were leading the way in the Savoy Kicks and were definitely showing the guys how it’s done. Remember, Charlestons aren’t always just a chance to catch your breath: there’s a lot of room for variations!

Lindy 3

High flying, high kicking fun! We had a feeling this would be a great class and you guys just ate it up and asked for more. It wasn’t just about dancing fast it was about making it look great and all of you nailed it. So much so in fact that it was once again time for a Battle! This time we had Sarah’s “Green Sheep” Vs Rachel’s “Red’s Under the Bed.” It was a close match with some incredibly inspirational pep talks from both captains; however in the end the victory has to officially go to…Sarah’s “Green Sheep”, well done team. Remember, next week is the official goodbye class for Jules and Sarah so come on down and bid farewell to two of the most beautiful people to ever grace the Perth Swing scene.

Lindy 1

This was it! The final night of the course and the beginning of a long journey into Lindy Hop for many of you. I’m hard pressed to feel prouder than I do when I see a whole class graduating from the Introductory Course and this was no different. You all looked great and had come so far from when you first walked in the door. It’s official now, you’re Lindy Hoppers! I’d like to make a special mention of Linton and Chelsea who were clearly a stand out in the class. You guys did so well, you looked amazing and we hope to see you back when you’re older!

Thanks a lot everyone! It’s a new Introductory Course next week from 7.00 PM so spread the word and we hope to see you out on the floor this weekend!