This week at Swing It!

Well this was the week leading into MLX so we didn’t expect much of a turn out. Boy were we surprised! Great to see so many faces at class and also fantastic to have interstate visitors like Carl, Natalie and James joining in on the fun!

Lindy 1

Again a huge class with so much energy! You guys are really looking great and were plowing through the material. There’s nothing I can really say here except to keep going the way you’re going! Practice the new 8 count rhythm we gave you and try moving around with it. Next week it gets even more interesting as we introduce you to the Swing Out…

Lindy 2

A sensational class with a great turn out. I have to say this was one of the most enjoyable classes I’ve taught in a long time. Everyone responded very well as we dived deep into technical territory on the Swing Out. We really looked at the nuts and bolts of the move and its movement and hopefully made some real headway into improving everyone’s Swing Out. You all did very well…even Peter with his spontanious cricket practice.

Lindy 3

Whilst this class suffered from MLXitus some quick thinking turned the class into a really great, relaxed practice session. It was great to be able to walk around and work on the small things and also to stand back and watch everyone getting so passionate about what you were sharing with each other! Great work all round.

Well I’m off to pack for my 6.00 AM flight to Melbourne (which has me getting up at 4.00 AM to get ready…insane). I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and, if you head to the Mustang, you’ll be listening to the ever energetic Darryl as he DJs in my stead while I’m away. Look forward to seeing you all when I get back in time for next week’s classes.