This week at Swing It!

Post MLX classes this week with many still reeling from a weekend of non stop action and also the inclusion of a new Swing It! teacher…

Lindy 1

This week it was the current Lindy 1’s first meeting with the greatest Swing move of them all, the Swing Out! A lot of tricky movement and technique to get but everyone did well and by the end of class we were cranking them out! Don’t forget, practice that footwork because next week it’s into the nuts and bolts of leading and following the Swing Out to make it feel smoooth.

Lindy 2

It was a night of styling tricks as we introduced the concept of soft and hard “hits” in the music and how to approach them. Simple ways to make your dancer look and feel better. It was a real treat to see and hear everyone nail the right time to use the hits in the music. Hats off to Thanh for really nailing it right from the word go.

Lindy 3

Trevor Hutchison took the stage as he teamed up with Mel for a fantastic and insightful class on musicality and how to respond better to moments within the music. It was an enjoyable and fun class with plenty of classic Trev humour. There’s no doubt at all that we’ll be seeing plenty of the “Hutch” out on the dance floor in the coming weeks! A reminder to everyone that Trev will be back next week for another Lindy 3 class!

Well, that’s all from me. Have a great weekend and I promise to have my voice back for next week!