This week at Swing It!

2007 is officially upon us as was the first week of this year’s Swing It! classes. It was great to see everyone turning up after the new year break and ready to get straight back into the dance we all love so much! Here’s to a great new year, guys!

Lindy 1

Welcome to all of our new beginners, the first for 2007. As always the first week is a lot of fun; watching everyone adapting to the new rhythms and taking their first step into the Lindy Hop world. Well done to everyone and remember to practice those moves in preperation for next week!!
Lindy 2

Quite a technical class this week as we worked on frame and connection with a lateral approach. It was great to see those brains ticking over as we challenged everyone with something new. Next week we’ll delve further into this and put everything we introduced you to into practice!

Lindy 3

An exciting concept class this week as everyone had a wild time…in the dark! Pure lead and follow connection with eyes closed this time round. Ruth and I were over the moon to see everyone doing so well (yes, Jarrod, you were the star) and taking to the challenge like the proverbial duck to water. It a great way to challenge your body awareness and improve your understanding of lead and follow!

That’s it for this week. This weekend we have the Mustang Bar and Splanky! Also Jojo has arrived and is over the moon to be here; make sure you take her specialty class next Wednesday at Vic Park at 9.00pm. It’s open to all levels!

See you on the floor.