Three Live Bands, One Weekend…so…much…LINDY!

There are times in life when the Universe (or higher power) asks, nay begs the question…do you have what it takes?  Are you prepared for what life is about to throw at you?  Do you, indeed, have ‘the right stuff’?

This unassuming weekend is one of those times.

The planets have aligned, the equinox is in, well, whatever it apparently needs to be in and the fates are smiling on us in a glorious way.  This weekend we have the opportunity to dance to three of the best live bands this city has to offer (two of which come FREE)!  Now, I’m not seeing this as an opportunity so much as a MORAL IMPERATIVE.  When else do we get a chance to make a party of a regular, run of the mill weekend?  As it has once been said before, it is not the obstacle but our reaction to it that counts; in this instance I believe it’s not the bands but our reaction to them that counts.

With this in mind I’m calling out a challenge to all Swing It dancers.  Who’s got what it takes to dance it up at all three events?  Do you?  Yes you, I’m looking at YOU!

Ruth (who has an injured foot and is STILL going out) and I will be at all three events and we’d love to see who can keep up!  Come down, dance it up and enjoy this dance in the way it was meant to be…joyfully and in abundance.

1) FRIDAY NIGHT – Darling Buds Of May At Mustang!

You know the drill.  Mustang Bar madness as usual but this time with brilliant Darling Buds of May.  What’s different about this night than any other (other than the band of course)?  Well I’m calling SUIT UP!  Dress to the nines in your best gear and let’s hit the Mustang in style.  They won’t know what’s going on!  Ties, suits, skirts, dresses…whatever you’ve got that says ‘Swing’!  This will also be Saurabh’s last swing night in Perth.  Can you believe it?!  He’s heading off to Paris for what could end up being three years!  Let’s give the crazy man a big send of that he’ll never forget.

WHERE: Mustang Bar, Lake Road, Northbridge

WHEN: Friday night, 7.00pm – 9.30pm (free class at 6.30pm)


2) SATURDAY AFTERNOON – Cornerhouse Jazz Band In Freo!

I’m going to come out and say it, these guys are my favorite band.  I love all bands, I really do, but I just love these guys a little more.  They know how to have a good time, they’re goofy, funny and MAN can they play!  Join us in the afternoon for the sensational Cornerhouse Jazz Band as they play Perth’s best, old school Jazz at the Railway Hotel in Fremantle.  This band is really not to be missed and is guaranteed to get your feet tapping, stomping and swinging.  The floor isn’t that big but trust us, it doesn’t matter.

WHERE: Railway Hotel, 44 Tydeman Rd, North Fremantle

WHEN: Saturday, 4.00pm – 7.00pm



Finally, the grand finale, the ultimate send off to a weekend of Lindy MADNESS!  The PSDS’s monthly dance, Splanky, will be featuring the West Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra!  WAYJO’s more of your ‘reserved’ Swing band but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to burn the floor to their great tunes.  Join us as we see which of our big Swing It family can make it all the way to the finish line.

WHERE: Como Primary Hall, Como Primary School, Cnr Thelma & Coode St, Como

WHEN: Saturday night, 7.30pm – 12.00pm

COST: $10 for PSDS members, $15 for non-members