Time To Get Stomp Off Ready!

It’s not long to go until our amazing Stomp Off weekend kicks off. With that in mind it’s time to get Stomp Off Ready…


Over the coming weeks we’ll be including fun Jazz Steps into every Level 2 class in all locations. You’ll be introduced to some of the classic steps as well as some more modern ones. Most importantly you’ll have a chance to see how we incorporate Jazz Steps into our Lindy Hop, that way you’ll be able to see exactly how you can make everything you’ll learn at Stomp Off work for you on the floor.

We’re all excited and geared up for Stomp Off and this is the perfect way to dust off those cobwebs and be in the best condition for a weekend of solo movement with Remy!

Check out the locations page to find out when your next Level 2 class is running.

Check out the Stomp Off page for details of the weekend.