Winter Workshop 2015 – Meet Remy

Meet Remy

The Winter Workshop kicks off very soon and it’s time to get to know our amazing guest instructors.  First off the bat is Remy.

The last few years have seen Remy take the Lindy Hop world by storm.  This gifted dancer, performer and instructor seemed to come out of nowhere and is now a major feature of the international Swing scene.  Remy’s in demand so much that he barely has a weekend free for the rest of the year and, seriously, it’s with good reason…

World Class Dancer

Remy Dance

I honestly believe Remy is a once in a generation dancer.  In my years of dancing and teaching around the world I’ve seen some really impressive dancers but Remy, wow, he’s something else.

I first met Remy years ago when we were teaching at the Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden.  It was Remy’s first year and he was there to teach Boogie Woogie (a European 50s style dance related to Lindy Hop).  It was obvious to me right away that Remy was something special and in a few short years he was no longer teaching Boogie Woogie at Herrang he was teaching Lindy Hop AND Solo Jazz.  How is that even possible?!  Jumping disciplines like that on that level is crazy.

Remy has a deep understanding of rhythm and movement and a remarkable skill for musicality.  I’m guessing a lot of this comes from being an internationally recognised DJ…not Swing DJing…ACTUAL DJing.  Remy’s been DJ in Europe and around the world since he was 15.  Clubs, festivals…the guy’s crazy talented.

The best part is though, he’s a straight up nice guy…

World Class Personality

Remy Personality

Two seconds.  Two seconds is all it takes to realise you’re in for a treat when you first meet Remy.  Hilarious, quick, razor sharp humour.  Remy’s personality makes all of his classes an event; they’re a treat to be a part of.  Remy understands sharing his knowledge and understanding of dance is one thing but to entertain a class and to keep them smiling, that’s the best way to teach.

He’s a warm, open and honest teacher and is a real inspiration to learn from and talk to.  Perth is really lucky to have him…

Remy In Perth

Remy Perth

We’re getting Remy for one weekend but it’s going to be an amazing one.  Everyone attending his classes is going to walk away with an experience to remember AND with a greater understanding of their own movement.  You’ll dance better, move better and understand your body far better than you have so far.

Regardless of your level, you’re going to gain SO much from this amazing teacher.  Two days doesn’t sound like much but it can and will make a huge difference.

Check out the Winter Workshop page for all of the details and sign up if you haven’t already!

Remy final