World Lindy Hop Day Celebration

Get ready to party for this year’s World Lindy Hop Day!

We’re super excited to be celebrating World Lindy Hop Day this year (which is also a celebration of Frankie Manning’s birthday). Because of that we’re going to bring you a day, and night, of Lindy Hopping fun!

We’re going to fire up your day with a special celebration of Frankie Manning with our Frankie’s Favourites Workshop taught by Shane & Ruth. Shane & Ruth will be teaching moves taught to them by Frankie Manning himself!

Then, in the evening, it’s time for some dancing followed by a super fun movie night where we’ll be watching the 1940s classic, Hellzapoppin’! Hellzapoppin’ is the film featuring the greatest Lindy Hop performance in history.

Frankie’s Favourites Workshop

Shane and Ruth will be sharing Frankie’s favourite moves. Learn some super fun Lindy Hop moves from the people that learned them from Frankie himself!

WHERE: Como Primary School Hall, 225 Coode St, Como

WHEN: 2pm – 3.30pm, Saturday May 26th

COST: $20

Hellzapoppin’ Movie Night Cancelled

Hey everyone! Tonight’s Hellzapoppin’ movie night is cancelled! I promise to run a History Clip night soon but tonight is not the night for sitting in a big hall watching old timey movies! Stay warm!