The 10 Couple Rule

Hey there Lindy Hoppers,

We’ve had quite a few new students starting recently and I wanted to let our newbies know and remind our more experienced dancers of our 10 couple rule at Swing n Soul…

Having a floor in any scene that doesn’t get over crowded or have you going home at night with bruises on your shins can be a hard thing to find.. The Mustang Bar has always been a favourite place for dancers in Perth but as we all know that can get super crowded in no time; you either get kicked or don’t even have the room to do a swing out.

One of the features of Swing n Soul is that is does have room because of the 10 Couple Rule.. Swing n Soul isn’t as big as the Mustang Bar and the floor also has speaker stands and tables right next to it making it even trickier.. The 10 Couple Rule is designed to make the night fun (giving you decent room to dance) but most importantly safe.. If you over crowd the floor you’re putting your fellow dancers at risk.

When you’re out at Swing n Soul and you want a dance, before you get on the floor, count how many couples are there, don’t just run on.. Look around, be courteous to your friends and keep the dance floor safe and fun for everyone in the scene.